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Maximus, il piccolo soldato a quattro zampe è andato via

gatto-magro-con-cappottino-rosso cat-wow

Dopo 6 settimane, Maximus si lascia andare. 

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Il mondo intero piange la scomparsa di Maximus, il gattone randagio trovato lo scorso novembre in pessime condizioni. Nonostante le cure, il piccolo guerriero ha smesso di lottare.

Di Coryse Farina

Pubblicato il 28/01/20, 12:46

Maximus si è lasciato andare e dopo oltre dieci anni passati a lottare per sopravvivere in strada. Quello che è certo, però, è che il suo ricordo resterà vivo nelle menti di milioni di persone.

Finalmente sereno

Dopo essere stato trovato a fine novembre scorso dall’associazione Stray Cat Rescue Team West Midlands per le strade periferiche di Birmingham (Inghilterra), Maximus ha lottato per ben 6 settimane.

Purtroppo, però, gli anni passati a vagabondare per le strade fredde della cittadina inglese nella speranza di trovare del cibo per sfamarsi, lo avevano segnato molto. 


"I've had a lovely day ? I'm now fast asleep in my heated bed at momma Julie's. I'll see Vet Amy again tomorrow, she's...

Posted by Stray Cat Rescue Team West Midlands. on Thursday, January 2, 2020

Quando arriva nell’ambulatorio veterinario infatti, è estremamente magro, sporco, ha gli artigli così lunghi da non riuscire a camminare ed è affetto dalla sindrome da immunodeficienza felina o anche chiamata Fiv. 

Per sei settimane i volontari del centro fanno dunque tutto il possibile, aprendo anche una raccolta fondi per ricavare quanto più denaro possibile da utilizzare per le sue cure. 

Lo nutrono, lo lavano e lo coccolano, tuttavia la malattia è ad uno stadio troppo avanzato quindi Maximus pian piano si lascia andare. Ora riposa in pace.

«Abbiamo perso il gatto più divertente, più forte e più sorprendente che abbia mai visto su questa terra. Purtroppo non respirava più bene. Non aveva più le forze per combattere e, anche se abbiamo provato a salvarlo in tutti i modi, non c’è stato verso», scrivono i volontari commossi su facebook.


The hardest post I have ever had to write. At 7.30pm tonight, We lost the funniest, strongest, most amazing cat to ever grace this earth. At 5.30pm the vets rang to say Maximus was struggling and to make our way up. His breathing wasn't right, he was on oxygen and myself, Jade, Julie, Vet nurses Jo & Sioned held him and comforted him until he decided it was time to leave us. He had no fight left and his breathing had totally changed. Medically, there was no sign of anything wrong. There wasn't a stone left unturned in Maximus's treatment. Everything that could have been done, was done. We fought so damn hard, the vets fought so damn hard, and Max fought so damn hard. He was our special little soldier. In the 8 weeks we knew Max, We had so many ups, and so many downs. His character amazed me, In fact, he never ever failed to put a smile on my face. He bounced back from so many lows, he smacked us when he didn't get what he wanted, and his favourite past time was being Mr.Nosey. I know he had an awful life up until we rescued him 8 weeks ago, but I can only hope he enjoyed the "ups" with us. The photos & the videos we have of him, we will treasure forever. The nights I stayed in the hotel with him for 10 days were actually some of the best nights I have ever had. The capability that cat had in making you smile, was something I have never known. Maximus has completely torn my heart out. I am numb. Maximus spent alot of time in the vets, in the hotel with me, and then in his foster home with Julie - who is 8 seconds around the corner from me so meant I could sort his meds out a few times a day as well as take him and pick him up from the vets daily. I hope Maximus found love, comfort and warmth each day, wherever he was. I know Julie is feeling absolutely heartbroken too right now, and I also know Maximus loved his time with you. I'm so sorry he didn't get to meet the chickens like we were going to do this weekend. White Cross Vets Wolverhampton, we couldn't have asked for better for Maximus's care. You have been incredible. Every single vet, vet nurse, animal care assistant, receptionist, you have been amazing. A special thanks has to go to Rosie and Amy. The 2 main vets who have tried so hard to save Maximus.... Maximus was always given free roam of the practice and LOVED watching operations being done. He also loved the laundry pile. Amy has been Maximus's primary vet and for 8 weeks, she has exhausted every single option possible. Her care didn't stop in the practice, it extended as far as knitting him jumpers, sitting up all night thinking of things to try, taking him home with her, and on New Year's Day coming and saving him from a very bad situation at an out of hours vets. Amy has shown her professionalism but also her extreme passion for what she does day in, day out. I know this will have hit her hard, and I want her to know how grateful I am for everything. I know secretly Maximus loved you. His little head used to pop up at the sound of your voice. To all of SCRT supporters, and every single one of you who has been a part of Maximus's journey, thank you for everything. All the lovely messages, support, gifts, food, everything you've done...You've been nothing short of incredible. I promise you we did everything possible. Maximus, you became like my best friend over the past 8 weeks. Every single day was made to fit around you. Everything I did was with you in my mind. You lifted me when I felt shit, you made me laugh so much, and you had me worried so many times. You hit me if you didn't get your own way, you huffed and puffed, you loved to sit with your head out your carrier being Mr.Nosey, you have made me realise what it's like to appreciate the smaller things. I'll never forget that little purr when you had your yummy cream as a treat. That little purr could make the worst day seem okay again. You've broken me into pieces and I'm sorry, I'm sorry we didn't find you sooner. I'm sorry you suffered for so long without us. All I can do now is hope. Hope that Maximus has made people aware. If you see a stray cat living a rough life, do not walk by and think someone else will help. Think of Max, think of his amazing, funny, nosey, hilariously loving character, and help save a life. Of all the cats I have known, I've never ever known a cat quite like you Max. I'll miss everything about you and right now I feel physically sick to think I can't just pop to see you. Your memory will live on. Forever. I love you, so much. My little mate. Luce ? Maximus, the amazing puss. ? Tomorrow I'll take my boy to be cremated, I will also make sure he has a legacy that will continue, forever on. ?

Posted by Stray Cat Rescue Team West Midlands. on Friday, January 24, 2020

Tributo dal mondo intero

Oltre ad aver donato complessivamente oltre 10mila sterline, tutti gli utenti del web che hanno preso a cuore la storia di Maximus hanno anche deciso di onorarlo con migliaia di disegni, dipinti e candele.

In migliaia hanno lasciato un commento sotto l’ultimo post facebook del centro e si dicono estremamente addolorati per la perdita del piccolo combattente. 

Una cosa è certa: resterà per sempre nei cuori di tutti.


His fur, his print, his light. ?❤️ I love you Maximus... And I'm blown away with how many of you have lit a candle for...

Posted by Stray Cat Rescue Team West Midlands. on Saturday, January 25, 2020

La sua storia però, deve essere d’insegnamento per tutti.

I volontari del centro, infatti, ne approfittano per lanciare un appello molto forte: «Se vedi un gatto randagio solo e malandato, non passare oltre pensando che spetti a qualcun altro di aiutarlo. Ricordati di Max, pensa al suo personaggio straordinario, divertente, ficcanaso, esilarante e alla sua vita difficile e prova a salvarlo».